Find out how much Council Tax you pay for your property

Challenging your Council Tax band

In England, valuation bands are based on property values on 1 April 1991, not what a property is worth today. In Wales, valuation bands are based on property values on 1 April 2003.

Note: You should continue to pay your your Council Tax bill while you challenge your band.

You can challenge a Council Tax band by:

  • asking the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to check it - eg if you think your home was valued incorrectly
  • making a formal challenge to the VOA. You can only do this in certain circumstances (eg if your property has changed significantly since it was valued)
Ask the VOA to check your Council Tax band

Contact the VOA.

They will tell you how your Council Tax band has been worked out. They can review your band if you provide information that suggests it's wrong (eg evidence that similar properties in your street are in a different band).

If they agree your band is wrong, they'll put it right. This service is free. Your council will then update your Council Tax bill.

Download What to do if you disagree with your Council Tax band? (PDF, 268KB) .

You can't appeal against this decision, but in some cases you may be able to make a formal challenge to the VOA.

Make a formal challenge to the VOA

First, check your Council Tax band on

There are certain circumstances when you can formally challenge a band (eg if your property has been demolished or converted into flats) - use the checklist on the VOA website to see if this applies to you.

In England, if you make a formal challenge and disagree with the VOA's decision, you can appeal to the Independent Valuation Tribunal . You'll need to appeal within 3 months of the VOA's decision.

The Tribunal provides a free service and can't award costs.

In Wales, the VOA decides most challenges without having to go to tribunal. If you and the VOA can't agree, your challenge will be heard by a local valuation tribunal.

If the tribunal agrees with you, the VOA will change your band and the council will update your bill.

The Valuation Tribunal

You can appeal by letter or on the Valuation Tribunal's website .

You should explain:

  1. what decision you're appealing against
  2. why you disagree with the council's decision

You should also send the Tribunal a copy of any relevant paperwork, such as your Council Tax bill, completion or penalty notice.

Tribunal hearings

The Valuation Tribunal will contact you to arrange a hearing, normally within 6 months of getting your appeal. A hearing is a meeting where 3 members of the Valuation Tribunal listen to information from you and your local council.

It won't cost you anything unless you want to hire someone, like a solicitor.

You can ask the Valuation Tribunal to decide your case without you coming to a hearing.

The Tribunal's decision

The Valuation Tribunal will send you its written decision, normally within 1 month of the hearing.

If the Tribunal agrees with you, it will order the council to make the changes it's decided.

If you disagree with the Tribunal's decision, you can only appeal through the High Court. To be successful, you'd have to show that the Tribunal made a mistake in law.

Help and advice

The Valuation Tribunal can't give legal advice, but it can explain how the appeal process works.

The Valuation Tribunal Telephone: 0300 123 2035

You can get free advice about appealing against your Council Tax from your local Citizens Advice.


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